What is Youth Leadership Pathway?

Youth Leadership Pathway is a combination of online modules and in-person workshops designed for youth leaders in Perth’s Archdiocese.

As an Archdiocesan Youth Office, we encourage all parish-based youth leaders to complete the training; however, it is not compulsory.

Those who complete this training will be recognised as committed youth leader of the Archdiocese of Perth.

Our Goal

The Goal is to change our youth ministry culture steadily:

Apathetic Youth Leaders

Passionate Youth Leaders

Program Oriented Youth Groups

Discipleship Oriented Youth Groups

Complacent Youth Leaders

Youth Leaders with a "Heart of Mission"

YLP's 4 Elements

To achieve our goal, we have set out 4 elements of YLP to help participating youth leaders grow:

We also provide a more in-depth structure overview of the YLP program in PDF form. Please take a look for more information.

To cover for the 4 elements above, the YLP program asks for a once-off fee of $50.
This helps us ensure a good experience for participants in their journey for the year.

"This pathway is developed to create opportunities to renew the heart of the youth leaders, rebuild a culture of evangelisation, and create a sense of belonging within our parishes"