What do I do if something goes wrong?

Stay calm. It’s okay to have a mental blank, but try to remember the first step. There is a procedure that you can follow. Keep this to do list somewhere easily accessible (personal email, documents folder or screenshot on your phone, etc.)

If something does go wrong:

  • Remove the danger if possible, or remove people from the dangerous situation
  • Contact 000 immediately in the case of an emergency
  • Transportation for a child to a medical facility should only be via an ambulance
  • Contact the young person’s parents
  • Notify your parish priest about the incident
  • Complete an incident report, keeping notes taken at the time of the incident or immediately thereafter, signed and dated (see the appendix for incident report templates)
  • Incident reports regarding accidents should be filed at the Parish
  • Incident reports regarding allegations of misconduct, sexual abuse or breaches of the Safeguarding Code of Conduct should follow the reporting procedure outlined in the Safeguarding Handbook Form 3 & Form 4 and contact the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth’s Child Safeguarding Project Coordinator on (08) 9221 7762.

(Guidelines for working with young people, in youth ministry activities, excursions and camps booklet)